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Charazad “Latex Variety”

Temptation Event



The Second Life Outfit includes top, skirt and cardigan in full-colored, transparent and fibered version, garter in full-colored version). It has 144 different colors and 30 bonus-trendcolors 2023, the garter has 30 colors, everything separate changeable.

Maitreya Lara, Maitreya Petite, Maitreya Maze Mod, Legacy, Legacy Perky, Legacy PushUp Nerido, Legacy Maze Mod, eBody Reborn, eBody Reborn Juicy Boobs, eBody Reborn Maze Mod, Kalhene Erika, Kalhene Erika Bubble Boobs, Kalhene Erika Squeeze Legs, Kupra, Kupra Kups, Kupra Ups, Kupra Maze Mod, Belleza Genx Classic and Belleza Genx Curvy.

From 22nd of April till 13th of May Charazad “Latex Variety” goes exclusive to Temptation Event.

After you will find it in the Marketplace and in our Mainstore. Each Fatpack for 299 L$, for group members in Mainstore only 270 L$.

Simtip: Evil Forrest

Inhabited by dangerous plants and monsters resulting from the Mist.

Inspired by Final Fantasy IX.

(Please use the shared environment WL for a ideal experience)

feral, monsters, hunt, dark, forest, magic, rp, woods, combat, creatures, horror, jungle

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