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Charazad “Darcy’s Latex”



The Secondlife Outfit “Darcy’s Latex” includes top and pants in full-colored, transparent and fibered version, heels in full-colored version.

You can wear it with Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Legacy, Legacy Perky, eBody Reborn, eBody Reborn Waifu, Inithium Kupra, Belleza GenX Classic and Belleza GenX Curvy.

You will find it in the Marketplace and in our Mainstore. Each Fatpack with 144 different colors and 30 bonus-colors 2023 for 299 L$, for group members in Mainstore only 270 L$.

Simtip: Steampunk Whitechapel & Whitby

Whitechapel Voctorian London 1880’s Victorian London, Jack Ripper and all his murders, Sweeny Todd, Scrooge, Dorian grey, Alan Quartermain, Dr Jekyll, Victor Frankenstein, Penny Dreaful, Whitby Steampunk, Airships, steam engines.

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